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Skilled employees are important for a successful company. 

One of the most complicated areas of the law is business immigration. There are several different visas you can apply for if you want to immigrate to the United States for business. Every situation is special, and you should seek the guidance of an experienced immigration attorney Xavier A. Mendez and associates.

Types of Business Visas

To help stimulate the US economy, the US actively invites investors, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs to immigrate to the country.

Depending on the duration of the employee’s assignment, schooling, position, and the type of work being done, both immigrant and non-immigrant visas are valid. Verification of the employment contract, educational record, and technical competence is needed for several visa forms. Xavier A. Mendez Law Firm will help you with processing any of the following:

  1. Investor Visa (Temporary)

The E-1 and E-2 visas are the two forms of E-visas available for people who want to work in the United States by starting or investing in a company. Only residents of some countries are qualified to apply under either one, and both have slight but significant differences. 

  1. Investor Visa for Immigrants

The EB-5 visa allows you to spend your way to a green card and permanent residency. Congress created the immigrant investor visa to draw international capital to the United States while also creating employment for American workers. We will check if you are eligible for an EB-5 visa and help you submit documents confirming eligibility.

  1. Visa for Business Expansion

The L1 visa, also known as the company expansion visa, is a nonimmigrant visa that allows foreign companies with offices in the United States and offices elsewhere to move such eligible workers to their US offices. Not just any employee can apply for an L1 visa. The applicant will have to be a manager, an executive, or in a specialized knowledge position.

Visas are also available from the USCIS for several other temporary purposes. Here are a few examples:

  • Visas for physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals are available.
  • For foreign workers coming to the United States for extended training, J-1 Exchange Visitor visas are available.
  • O-visas for people with exceptional skills and expertise

Xavier A. Mendez Law Firm will help you obtain legal visas and documents for your immigrant employees if you own or run a company anywhere in the United States. Please contact us right away to schedule an appointment.

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Employment Based Green Cards

Employment Based Green Cards are one way for immigrants to lawfully live and work in the US. Xavier A. Mendez Law Firm will assist you from the very start of the process.

O-1 Visas

O-1 Visas are issued to individuals with exceptional abilities in different fields. Xavier A. Mendez Law Firm will help you check your eligibility and apply for O-1 visas.


H1B Work Visa

H1B Work Visa is a non-immigrant and employer-sponsored temporary visa that helps US companies to recruit foreign employees in specialized occupations temporarily.

E-2 Visa

E-2 Visa is a temporary visa for business owners and investors in the United States. Several conditions must be met to qualify for an E-2 visa.

EB-5 Visa

EB-5 Visa will help you get a green card by investing. There are certain amounts needed for the investment and Xavier A. Mendez Law Firm will help discuss all the requirements with you.

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